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Many people who ride motorcycles think of it as more than just a form of transportation; it can also be an exciting hobby and even a way of life. However, riding a motorcycle means sharing the road with much larger vehicles that offer passengers far superior safety. The unfortunate truth is, many motor vehicle drivers don’t know how to maintain an awareness of motorcyclists on the road, and it is possible for their negligence to result in a horrible accident.

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Who’s at Fault for a Motorcycle Accident?

A Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer knows it’s possible for a motorcycle rider to be injured by other negligent parties. This could include the company that built the motorcycle or a party who intentionally left something hazardous in the middle of a road. Only about two percent of the vehicles on the road are motorcycles, but approximately 10 percent of all accidents that happen on the road involve motorcycles.

No matter what party is responsible, motorcycle accident injuries involving negligence are often catastrophic, and many times even fatal. There is an increased chance of bodily injury from a motorcycle accident. The damages could result in thousands of dollars in medical bills, property damage, and more. There could also be lost time at work as well as a permanent change to a person’s life.

When a motorcycle rider is injured, the compensation they can receive is significant. This is why it is important they hire an experienced Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer to work for them. These legal professionals will know how to perform an investigation and protect their client’s rights guaranteed under the law.

Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Soft Tissue
Whenever a motorcycle rider has a collision with any other object, bruising will likely happen. There is also a form of soft tissue damage known as “road rash.” This soft tissue damage occurs when a motorcycle rider slides across a road surface that is uneven and abrasive. This type of sliding results in tears at the motorcycle rider’s soft tissue. It causes rips in the skin and can tear muscle away from the bone. When this happens, it can leave a motorcycle rider with scarring as well as other forms of permanent disfigurement.

Head Injury
Most states do not have a universal helmet law, and Arizona is one of them. However, motorcyclists who aren’t wearing a helmet at the time of a crash are highly vulnerable to traumatic brain injury.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has conducted research into head injuries and motorcycle accidents. They have concluded wearing a helmet can decrease the chances of a motorcycle accident fatality by more than 36 percent. The chances of experiencing a head injury during a motorcycle accident decrease over 68 percent when a helmet is worn.

Spinal Injury
Damage to a person’s spinal cord can have a permanent effect on a motorcycle rider’s life. There are studies concluding that older motorcycle riders are often more prone to spinal injuries. No matter what a motorcycle rider’s age, their spine won’t be protected by wearing a helmet or reinforced denim when they’ve been thrown from the motorcycle.

Thoracic Injury
When the trunk of a rider’s body is injured, it can result in broken ribs as well as severe damage to their delicate internal organs. The National Institute of Health has shown if one anatomical region of a person’s body is damaged, it is possible they will have multiple anatomical injuries. Should a motorcycle rider feel pain from a broken rib or bruising after an accident, they should be examined for internal injuries in that location.

Lower Extremity
When a motorcycle accident occurs, lower extremity damage, including broken bones, is the most common type of injury experienced. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates these types of injuries can cost over $20,000.

A Tucson motorcycle injury lawyer knows how lower extremity damage often involves damage to a motorcycle rider’s foot, pelvis, ankle, hip, thigh, leg, or knee. Should a person have more than one of these type of injuries, the cost for treatment could easily soar to tens of thousands of dollars.

Wrongful Death
Motorcycle riders have a greater chance of being killed in an accident than people who drive passenger vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates for every 100,000 vehicular accidents, approximately 13 result in a fatality. This number increases to more than 72 fatalities when accidents involve motorcycles.

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