Tucson Gender Discrimination Lawyer

One of the worst feelings people experience is when they are mistreated and feel as if there is nothing they can do. If you’ve experienced a situation where you feel there is nothing you can do and a person has knowingly hurt you, either emotionally or physically, you certainly do have options.

We want to think that this is a modern world and people know how to treat others—that things are better. We want to think that we now live in a country where discrimination is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, in many ways discrimination is worse than ever. With so many outlets like the Internet and social media, information has never been easier to access and to thoughtlessly or purposely disseminate.

Workplace Gender Discrimination

When you apply for a job, people have access to your entire life. We would like to believe that the person hired for a job or promoted was chosen based on their credentials and work ethic. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and some companies still believe that a person’s gender or even skin color will determine what type of employee they will be. The worst part is that many people tolerate this because they are afraid to lose their job with the economy still struggling to get back to normal.

Over the last three years studies have shown an increase in discrimination incidents but not in complaints. Many experts believe the cause of this is fear of losing one’s job. If you feel that you have experienced discrimination based on your gender or skin color then you have rights that have been violated. You need to learn more about your legal options, especially in the instance where wrongful termination occurs. There are other cases where gender discrimination may occur that do not include work. Regardless of the situation, gender discrimination is against the law.

Get Help from Skilled Tucson Gender Discrimination Lawyers

Gender discrimination is a very serious and unfortunately common situation we face today. Not all cases involve work-related incidents; they can include social situations as well as your home life. If you or someone close to you has experienced gender discrimination, it is important that you know what your rights are. Call Zinda Law Group today for a free consultation with a skilled Tucson gender discrimination attorney. Meetings with lawyers by appointment only.